Zarosian, a powerful adversary and Zaros's champion. Very dangerous! He almost defeated Lucien. Also the one that caused Zaros to return. Has 2 minions:

Minion #1, appears to be rival of Enakhra, he could be a good choice for a sacrifice soon...

Minion #2, a Mahjarrat of average power and one of Azzanadra's minion's, sided with player during the 18th ritual. He is very brave and dared to stand up against Lucien.

Zamorakian, didn't come to the ritual, might be death. According Lucien's notes, his daughter was searching for him at Deamonheim, but she coulnd't find him... (Na Nadir)

Zamorakian, the last female Mahjarrat, she could be the key to our continued survival here but she has some feelings for Zamorak...

Zamorakian, a worthy warrior. Generally, I'd consider Hazeel an ally. Hazeel seems to be gaining in power; he has gained many followers and much territory.

Disaster has struck for Hazeel: Saradomin-worshiping human filth have managed to defeat him and banished him from the living realms. The question is, will his followers be able to resurrect him before the next ritual?

Well, his followers may have left things rather last-minute, but they've managed it - Hazeel was at the 18th ritual! This sentence only appears if you completed Hazeel Cult and sided with Hazeel. No, he wasn't at the 18th ritual... This sentence only appears if you don't sided with Hazeel in Hazeel Cult.

Zamorakian, Khazard is a rival of Wahisietel. Has a large army.

Neutral, A Mahjarrat of merely average power.

He has disappeared and missed both the 17th and 18th ritual, but according to Enakhra, shortly after the 18th ritual, he was found, he doesn't join Zamorak or Zaros so he could be usefull for the 19th ritual.

Ex-Zarosian, one of the more powerful of our number. Sliske has particularly strong shapeshifting capabilities and powers over shadows. I would love to catch this guy, but he's a slippery fellow. Uses strong ghostlike-humans.

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